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How can we fix mattresses?

Obviously, the best thing to do is to change our orthopedic spring mattress with a new one, especially if we have owned it for more than 10 years. Because as already mentioned the risk of problems arising increases over time.

There are several commercially available solutions ranging from memory foam products, entirely made of latex and independent pocket springs. Choosing the most suitable solution is not easy given the number of products currently on the market. Often the easiest thing to do is to ask a professional for an opinion before buying.

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For those who do not want to give up traditional rest:

For those who choose and prefer spring mattresses, we recommend choosing a mattress with independent pocket springs. This type of mattress has a much larger number of springs than the classic one; generally speaking of 300 springs for the single, which reach more than 700 for the matrimonial.

The independent and bagged springs are able to provide the correct support to our body. Being able to work individually, each support area will be supported in the most appropriate way.

They are coated and anchored to a fabric covering, which allows them to remain in the most correct position, without coming into direct contact with the mattress.

Thanks to this solution, their useful life is very long, because the springs will be more resistant and compact. Furthermore, on the sides of the mattress, usually in the most refined models, there is a breathable support padding that not only reinforces the entire structure but also allows the correct transpiration of the mattress.

The topper in memory, another possible solution:

For those who do not consider it necessary to replace the entire mattress, for any reason, we recommend buying a memory foam topper. This product is certainly cheaper than a mattress and more comfortable to use.

The topper is a sheet of memory that must be fixed to our mattress, providing an additional surface to support our body, more comfortable. The memory foam is, in fact, thermosensitive and is modeled following the lines of our body in a natural way based on our body heat.

In this way, we can have the correct support, even if our mattress has stiffened or ruined over time.

Obviously, the topper is a suitable solution if the mattress is still in optimal conditions; but still valid in these cases, compensating for structural deficiencies typical of spring mattresses.