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Custom mattress, when needed and how to choose it?

The standard sizes of the mattress have been treated by us already in our previous article; however, there are more and more requests for the purchase of a customized mattress. Let’s see what the reasons for this choice may be; because the choice of a custom-made mattress can be advantageous and, finally, which customized item is recommended to buy.

The antique beds:

The wrought iron bed, or with the solid wood structure, inherited from the grandmother, or purchased from an antique dealer, are now niche products; despite being prestigious and desired by many people.

Certainly, a restored antique bed, placed in a retro-style bedroom, can be a remarkable style element whether in solid wood, perhaps with a glossy headboard; that in wrought iron. However, this type of furniture is not restricted exclusively to the antique market. In fact, many carpenters or blacksmiths specialize in making new beds in antique, vintage or retro style.

Unfortunately, with the exception of the last case, often antiques beds, whether double or single, have different dimensions from today’s standards. Usually, they are slightly smaller; this requires a custom-made mattress. If you want to buy a product of this type the best thing is to contact a mattress manufacturer, to whom you can supply the precise measurements of the network.

Then choose which type of mattress is best suited to you and your antique or vintage bed, following the advice of assistance in choosing.

The need for larger beds:

Statistics on the average height of the population are constantly growing; just think that from 1900 to 2005 we went from an average height of 1.61 meters to an average of 1.75 meters.

The percentage increase over a century is 8.7%. Nowadays it is estimated that more than 20% of people exceed 180 centimeters in height.

Bigger custom-sized mattress:

For this category of people, choosing a custom-made mattress could be the valid alternative, so you can rest comfortably; while keeping the dimensions of the bedroom reduced. In fact, although it has been shown that on a wider mattress it rests better; logically compared to a mattress that has little margin compared to our measurements. This is because we will be freer to move.

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